This Denver Parks Terrifying History Inspired The Movie “Poltergeist”

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Denver’s Most Haunted Park 

The Park Full Of Ghosts

If you’ve ever seen the movie Poltergeist, were all hell literally brakes loose after a family movies into a house that was built over a grave yard, this is a partial inspiration for that movie. The only difference is that instead of a house that was built over the graveyard, it was a public park that was put in. Now the other inspiration for the movie Poltergeist happened in a home just like the movie, but this was the first inspiration for the movie. 

It all started in 1876 when Denver was being transformed into something grand, something like New York or Paris and to do so they had to get rid of one thing, the eye sore that was an old cemetery. It was located in a prime location where everyone could see it, so what did they want to do? They wanted to take out the cemetery and move the graves and put in a park. Now the task seemed rather easy in thought, but when it actually came down to doing the job it wasn’t so easy. 

Could it be that the ghosts are beyond mad that they weren’t properly taken care of? Do you think that it’s just residual energy that is still there from the past? Or do you think that ghosts can travel back and forth, so they travel from where they are currently are buried at back to the park?

Check out the video and find out! 

Check out the full video for more info on Denver’s most haunted location 


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