This Denver Parks Terrifying History Inspired The Movie “Poltergeist”

Denver’s Most Haunted Park 

The Park Full Of Ghosts

At first glance, you wouldn’t even think that the Denver’s Chessman park was built over a cemetery. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Poltergeist” this is the partial inspriation for that movie. The only difference is that instead of park it was a housing development that was built over it. So how and why could this happen, how in the world could a park be built over a spot that’s supposed to be a final resting place for many?

It all started in 1876 when Dever was in a transformational state. The developers wanted to turn it into something like New York or Paris, but they had a major problem. There was an eyesore in the city that was located in a prime location, the cemetery. They had the ingenious idea of taking out the graves and putting them somewhere else, then replacing the cemetery with a park eveyrone could enjoy. The plan failed from the start and what was initally planned was the gravestones and the graves would be moved to a different location. However, shorcuts were taken and only the GRAVESTONES where moved. What followed next is like something out of a horror movie, well years later it was an inspriation for one.

Could it be that the ghosts are beyond mad that they weren’t properly taken care of? Do you think that it’s just residual energy that is still there from the past? Or do you think that ghosts can travel back and forth, so they travel from where they are currently are buried at back to the park?

Check out the video and find out! 

Check out the full video for more info on Denver’s most haunted location 


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