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Devil’s Chair, Cassadaga Florida

Located in Cassadaga, Florida, in a small isolated cemetery sits The Devils Chair . Legend has it that supposedly the chair was built by the devil himself, and that he sits in the chair after midnight waiting for people to come. If you sit in the chair after midnight he supposedly whispers evil things to you and forever torments you for the rest of your life 

Now that’s not the strangest part of this story….

The strangest part is the fact that if you leave a full beer can, now I don’t know why it has to be beer. But if you leave it and don’t open it, in the morning it will be empty while still unopened.

Do we believe this story is true? Not at all… 

Many say they have been to the location and have experienced some creepy stuff while there. Could it all be in the mind and they pretty much created a haunted experience in their mind or could it be real?

**  If you DO decide to visit this place, PLEASE be respectful don’t trash it or destroy anything in the vicinity. Get permission before you go, the place is heavily patrolled!  

Check out this video by Phenomenal Travel Videos  and let us know what YOU think! 

Source – Phenomenal Travel Videos 

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15 thoughts on “Legend Says If You Sit In This Chair At Midnight The Devil Will Appear”
  1. I have been to the devils chair and live right down the road from the cemetery. Some friends and I tested the beer can theory and it does happen it will be empty the next morning

    1. That's because there are way to many alcoholics in Volusia County, lol. I live in Deltona. Used to work at the hotel.

  2. Used to go there in high school (Deltona HS) and sit in the chair after midnight (esp on Halloween) and nothing ever happened (though sometimes I look back on my life and wonder if that’s true!)…they started patrolling with police due to vandals after a while…never tested the beer can though…

  3. While working as an editor for The DeLand West Volusia Beacon, we did a series for Halloween and sent some reporters and a bottle of beer to the Devil's Chair. Nothing happened, except we got complaints from some locals for desecrating the cometary.

    A couple of years later, the local Chamber of Commerce started Halloween tours featuring            With the slogan Do you dare sit in the Devil's  chair? 

  4. i live close by there and have actually sat in the chair at midnight on holloween while tuanting and mocking any and all delivs witches demons and ghost to do something ..then i peed on it. Nothing ever happend..

    1. not funny…just incredibly disrespectfull ……this is the buriel place of a once obviously loving family, and you peed on it,  

      very..very sad.

      1. lol its a fucking chair of SATAN! you cant be more disrespectful thatn the people promoting this bullshit


  5. My family moved here when I was 12 and we were always told growing up that if you sat in the chair you would die within three days. We did know a couple of kids who dared to sit in the chair and did pass away, which only added to the rumors.  

  6. My husband, one of my children, and my husband's family are buried there. The cemetary is actually located in Lake Helen, Florida not Cassadaga. The story is true about the old genteman and his family. It's stories like "Devil's chair" that has made this place of rest the target of descreating this holy place of rest for our loved ones. I lived there for over 35 years and have sat in this spot many times and have never had the devil show up. These rumors was started by out of town juvinals. People need to leave this man's loved ones in peace. According to Grandma Wilkins the man passed away in the chair while visting his wife and child. How would you feel if people were to distrub your loved ones in their final resting place?

  7. Well I guess one thing, sure does bring a lot of people back together. However to the stories point about the chair. There are several chairs like this one. I have sat in the chair and have never seen anything considering I lived right in front of the cemtery for many years as a kid. We would play there all the time (had a nice field area that hasn't been used yet). While nothing there I did see lots of crazy stuff at my home. Things from doors opening that were locked and dogs being let off the chain at night when no one was there but me and my babysitter. Even had to call the sheriff out one night cause of the crazy stuff going on. I've also personally seen a phone ring that wasn't even plugged in to the wall not far from there. Creepy. In sure there is a scientific explanation for it all but still odd and makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. 

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