Legend Says If You Sit In This Chair At Midnight The Devil Will Appear

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Devil’s Chair, Cassadaga Florida

Located in Cassadaga, Florida, in a small isolated cemetery sits The Devils Chair . Legend has it that supposedly the chair was built by the devil himself, and that he sits in the chair after midnight waiting for people to come. If you sit in the chair after midnight he supposedly whispers evil things to you and forever torments you for the rest of your life 

Now that’s not the strangest part of this story….

The strangest part is the fact that if you leave a full beer can, now I don’t know why it has to be beer. But if you leave it and don’t open it, in the morning it will be empty while still unopened.

Do we believe this story is true? Not at all… 

Many say they have been to the location and have experienced some creepy stuff while there. Could it all be in the mind and they pretty much created a haunted experience in their mind or could it be real?

**  If you DO decide to visit this place, PLEASE be respectful don’t trash it or destroy anything in the vicinity. Get permission before you go, the place is heavily patrolled!  

Check out this video by Phenomenal Travel Videos  and let us know what YOU think! 

Source – Phenomenal Travel Videos 

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