Do Electronic Devices Used To Contact The Other Side Work?

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Now since equipment like the electronic voice generator or spirit box and other electronic voice phenomenon equipment have come about there’s been huge debates. Some say that these electronic devices are nothing more then a bunch of junk, however those who have used them say otherwise. 

But with so many fakes out there how do we know that these electronic devices used to contact the other side do actually work, but then again how do we know that they don’t work?

For around 100 years paranormal investigators have been using these devices to hear and in a sense translate the sensitive noise from what they think sounds like something into something that we can understand, in a sense it is kind of complicated to really understand. 

Here’s an example of some electronic voice phenomenon. 

Skeptics say that they all agree on how the box works, but they do say that it works WITHOUT the involvement of spirits. Cross-modulation, The power of self suggestion, apophenia, white noise are just a few of the things that they say it could be. 

There’s far too many explanations that it could possibly be without the suggestion that it’s actual spirits connecting through these devices. However, some say that skeptics DON’T have the answers to everything even though they think they do. 

Even though both sides have conflicting opinions, nether side has solid proof of what’s going on. 

Check out this other video of some more EVP sessions 


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