Do Ghosts Actually Exist?

This seems to be the question on just about everyone’s mind, do they actually exist? We all want to know because if they do that means there’s something after life. Why would be created only to die and simply not exist after this life, it simply just doesn’t make sense.

So the thought of there being ghosts gives us all a sense of wonder and hope that there is something else after this life. The only problem with that is if there are ghosts, why do they stay around and haunt places? Why are they trapped and some are aware that they’re still here and some seem like they don’t know that they did pass.

It’s strange that our communication to other side is very scarce and many don’t believe that we can communicate with the other side. Why isn’t it that we can’t communicate with other side like picking up a telephone and talking to someone else?

Who knows…

Check out this interesting video by Alltime Conspiracies and see what YOU think!

Do Ghosts Actually Exist?


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