Do You Believe Demonic Possessions Are Real?

The Science Behind Hypnosis
The Science Behind Hypnosis

Demonic Possession or Mental Disorder?

When it comes to demonic possessions, most of you know that Catholic Church exorcisms have been the most prominent form when it comes to exorcizing demons, however there are many other religions who also do it. 

But is it real???

Some say that it's mental disorder and that those who are supposedly possessed suffer not from something paranormal, but rather from some type of delusional or schizophrenic personality disorder. Whatever you choose to believe one thing is for sure, talk of demonic possessions have been around since as long as we've walked this earth. 

Check out this documentary on the 5th dimension and demonic possessions. 

Do you believe possession is real?

Do you think it's a mental disorder and that it can be cured by a medical professional?

Do you know someone who has been possessed?




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