Does 1 Percent Actually RULE The World?

Would You Rule The World If You Could?

The 1 Percent Conspiracy

If you’re into conspiracy theories or things of that nature you’ve probably heard a few times about the powers that be that control the world. The elites of the elites who are controlled by a group of people who are known as the 1 percent.

These are the people that dictate what happens in the world, they shape events at their will and control governments, people, music, media, and everything else. Some say that this group is real and that there’s really something going on, and many others say its rubbish.

Could this group really exist?

One thing is for sure, if they do exist they’re not going to come out and say that they’re controlling everyone. So for the few that say they do exist; you’re going to have many more that say they don’t.

Check out this video by All Time Conspiracies and see what you think!


It’s hard not to freak out a bit even if you don’t believe this stuff after watching that video. It’s scary to think that even if there isn’t a 1 percent controlling us, that the possibility of a larger group or think tank out there is a reality.

I mean if you look at things in the media and really sit down and analyze them it’s very strange.  It’s almost like we’re told what to worry about and what not to worry about. The very REAL problems are swept under the rug by mindless celebrity news and things that we can’t change.

But are we really being controlled?


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