There’s Something Terrifying Lurking Around This Indiana Bridge

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Most Haunted Bridge In Indiana 

Dog Face Bridge

It always seems that every state has a bridge with some kind of story, usually the story is of some type of tragedy. Indiana is no exception to that case, there are a ton of various bridges in the state that are supposedly haunted. But out of all the haunted bridges, this one tops the cake! 

One of the legends say that a  couple who was just married was headed to their honeymoon destination when they approached the bridge, there was a dog on the bridge and it caused them to swerve, crash, and die in the process.

However there are a few different versions of the story but they  all lead to the same ending. It’s said that if you walk on the path that leads from the bridge that a woman with the head of a dog will come out and chase you, if she catches up to you she will kill you and eat you…. hmmm 

The thing is that throughout the years supposedly people have found bodies out there, could this have just been a story though? No real proof of any bodies have been found out there, could it also be part of the story to make it even scarier?

Check out the full story here and let us know your thoughts! 

Source – Allen Adduci 

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