Edinburgh Manor | Iowa’s Most Haunted

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Edinburgh Manor | Iowa’s Most Haunted 

Edinburgh Manor is known as one of Iowa’s most haunted locations, it was a mental institution that was open for the better part of a 100 or so years. Like many other institutions of the same kind it started off with good intentions. It started off as a location where people with mental disabilities could go and get the help and care that they needed. But just like other locations the place went south in no time at all and things turned for the worst.

I wonder why places like this end up turning into hell on earth, so many sad stories stem out of places like Edinburgh Manor that keep echoing through time like a skipping movie. The echoes of tragedies keep playing over and over and sometimes these tragedies become entangled in our reality. There were numerous deaths, beatings, and treatments that were so barbaric that it’s almost unfathomable to comprehend.

Edinburgh was located out in the middle of nowhere and it’s said that sometimes places like this are left to fend for themselves. So pretty much anything goes when it comes to places like this. Could it be that human nature takes over and some people become so evil and violent and feel like they can do anything they want anytime they want?

Who knows… .

Check out this walk-through video we found, it’s rather creepy!

Edinburgh Manor | Iowa’s Most Haunted

SOURCE – Hunters Of The Unknown 

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