This Michigan Haunted House Is In The Haunted Attraction Capital Of The World

Erebus Haunted House – Pontiac Michigan

Pontiac Michigan is known for being the haunted attraction capital of the world, so Erebus has some pretty fierce competition they have to go up against. So being ahead of the rest in technology, creativity, funding, etc, is a must! It’s not easy to put on a haunted attraction of this size and magnitude without some help. They have staff working year round on this place to come up with some of the most cutting edge special effects and designs. Most of the designs and props for Erebus are created within its walls by its very own designers. They do this so they know that their designs are 100% unique, you won’t find what they have anywhere else on the planet.

Erebus takes it a step further since they’re able to touch you and capture you. It’s said that since it’s grand opening over 7,092 people have chickened out before they made it through. Even worse is the fact that they’ve had 912 people either wet, puke themselves and even faint. Would you be able to last it? You don’t have to worry about getting beaten or bothered the way some other extreme haunted attractions are set up. Erebus scares you in a way that you don’t know what to expect next. It’s one of those places that will keep your heart pumping throughout the entire event. You’ll even be a little freaked out when you go to your car. Your senses will keep you alert and ready for anything after you take a walk through this haunted attraction. 

Want to know more about their location? Check out their site here > Erebus Haunted House

Erebus Haunted House – Pontiac Michigan

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