Evelyn McHale,The Beautiful Ghost That Haunts The Empire State Building

Evelyn McHale, The Ghost Of The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building In New York City was once the tallest building in the world. But creating such a tall building was no easy task. It took lots of hard work and ultimately took lots of lives in the process. Back then they didn’t have fancy cranes and lifts to help people with the project. Back then they had to climb up as high as possible to work on each section.

There really wasn’t any safety precautions and measures put in place. It was all about having to work at your own risk, you had to be careful or else you might take a plunge into eternity. 

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The problem was that there were numerous deaths in the creation of this building, but one death stood out among all of the rest. This wasn’t due to the creation of the building, this was a lonely woman who decided to jump off the 86th floor of the building. Not much is known about this woman except for some rumors. Some say that she was bipolar and that she was very depressed for some reason or another. 

What makes her famous is the photo of her after she landed from her fall, they called her the most beautiful suicide victim. There’s nothing beautiful about suicide and it’s very sad and tragic thing that people do in order to cope with whatever is going on. But this is the kind of story that a movie can be made about, whether it’s a spooky movie or just a movie about the life of a woman who met a tragic ending, I think this would be a good story to tell. 

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