For 666 Dollars You Can Spend The Night In a Recreated Alcatraz Jail Cell This Halloween

Don’t have any plans as of yet for this Halloween and want something really creepy to do? How about a dungeon themed overnight stay in San Francisco?

Fishermans Warf Alcatraz Cell

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf is offering a chance for people to stay in simulation of the city’s infamous Alcatraz prison for the price tag of $666 dollars. It holds up to 4 people and you have to book your room in advance through in order to make sure you get it.

The cell has 4 twin beds, and it also includes pajamas, snacks, and a scary bed time story from a “dungeon resident”. The following morning breakfast will be provided along with a goodbye goody bag.

Fishermans Warf Alcatraz Cell

They’re already taking requests for overnight stays, so you better hurry up and book one if you’re interested before they sell out. Check out a few of the pictures we found via and let us know your thoughts. Would you be afraid to do it, or do you think it’s too expensive?

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