This Indiana Farm Has a History Of Serial Killers And Poltergeist Activity

Fox Hollow Farm – Indiana

From a distance, Fox Hollow Farm looks like a nice place, a comfy location with a lot of room located in Indiana. But the history behind this place is anything but normal or comfy. It’s home to an infamous serial killer, and the ghosts of its past haven’t left. Did the twisted and evil actions of the serial killer leave behind an imprint? Or did those actions bring forth something much older and darker?


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SOURCE – Michiana Paranormal Investigations

Indiana’s Most Haunted Location

It’s not everyday you come across a farm that belonged to a serial killer. The possibility of other malevolent spirits residing there are very high. Some have said to have seen the spirit of the serial killer himself inside of the home. I don’t think I would want to stay very long inside that house, if at all. The echoes of the past are waiting around every corner. I honestly think they should destroy this home then cleanse the house. But there are those who don’t believe in spirits and other worldly entities. What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Herb Baumeister did not commit suicide on the land of fox holliw farm. He fled to Canada while he was being investigated for the murders and comitted suicide in Canada.

    1. Interesting, we heard from some people that live in the area that he did commit suicide there, but some said there was rumors he fled the area but they didn’t believe he did.

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