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Franklin Castle

Cleveland’s Most Haunted 

This monstrous place resides in Cleveland, Ohio and is scary reminder of a haunted and odd past. The outside of the castle alone is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Most of who have seen it in person will say that seeing it will give you the creeps. Many also agree that there’s something very off about the place.

Some have reportedly felt like they’ve been watched while near the castle even though there’s no one there. Even those who have been inside of the castle also say the same thing, could there be an entity watching the living?

Good question  

The place was built in the late 1800’s and has had an INSANE past. Its history is as dark as the castle looks, from murders, torture, mad scientists, to even Nazi propaganda. There’s also hidden chambers, various grave locations, secret tunnels, and much more going on. 

Anyways checkout this video on the history of Franklin Castle 




2 thoughts on “This Haunted Cleveland Mansion Has a Dark History Of Cults, Evil, And Death”
  1. I don’t post on sites first off but I felt I just had to here. While watching the second video I began getting mental flashes of the evil and I became nauseas and shaky. I had to stop watching. I watch this kind of stuff all the time and have been on a couple investigations and only once before years ago felt this.

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