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Welcome to our FIRST POST of the movie corner…. 

What's that?  It's where we take old movies and find a bunch of cool stuff about them and showcase them to you all! 

Today's horror villain?

He's the guy we all hate to love, he doesn't represent anything good at all, but instead he's the epitome of pure evil. He's the guy that comes to you not in the woods, not from behind you in a house, but from within your dreams!

people have tried to do EVERYTHING to destroy him, yet he keeps coming back again and again. 

Who is he?


This dude is the epitome of bad ass when it comes to horror movie icons. Not many characters can shed even an ounce of light to this guy, so what really makes him so special? Well the fact that he comes and gets you in your dreams in the most bizarre ways could be it, or…… it may be the way he looks. 

Honestly it's that dang claw that he has, it's razor sharp and is scary as you know what. 

What else makes this guy so cool?

His quirky lines that he uses before he takes someone out, he scares us and at the same time makes us laugh. 

Check out some of his best movie quotes in this video 


So you may be wondering, who could be cooler than Freddy Krueger?

Well there was an attempt to bring in another horror movie icon, one that didn't have any one liners, he was more of the silent type, a mommas boy if would like to call him that. 

Honestly I don't think I would call him that to his face, you probably won't have a face or a head after doing so, anyway it's Jason Vorhees. Jason in his own right is awesome as well, he's another guy who we love to hate. 

Anyways check out the weigh in from Freddy Vs. Jason the movie! 



So who do you think would win between those 2? I know they fought it out in the movie, but honestly I thought the movie could have been better. Anyways I like Freddy more than Jason, probably because he makes me laugh, but that's just my opinion. 

So for those of you who wondered why Freddy actually became Freddy, and some of the history behind him besides what was in various movies, here's a fan edit that was actually done REALLY WELL in my opinion. 



Well there you have it, hopefully you enjoyed this segment of the Strangeandcreepy movie corner, let us know what horror movie you would like to know more about and we will make a post on it! 

Keep a look out for more cool things coming your way! 


Just playing! 

See you around! 



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