Ghost Brothers 1 Hour Special A Haunted House Party Coming In July

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A Haunted House Party

The Travel Channels show “Ghost Brothers” is going to showcase it’s one-hour special Thursday, July 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The show features paranormal investigators and best friends Juwan Mass, Marcus Harvey, and Dalen Spratt. The Atlanta based trio adds a blend of comedy with a serious approach as they go various investigations around the country.

In this episode they will look back on the hit series and check out some of their most craziest moments and experiences. You get to see some pretty interesting and compelling evidence of the paranormal. They also be answering viewer questions as well as showcasing some never before seen footage.

Check out a few of their clips below and let us know if you’re a fan. If so what was your favorite episode and are you looking forward to another season?

Video Source – Quest TV

Video Source – Quest TV

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