Ghost Hunt At Haunted Gary, Indiana House

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Ghost Hunt At Haunted Gary, Indiana House

Was the ghost actually in the picture?

There was a huge buzz about this one photograph that a firefighter took at house in Gary, Indiana. Now Gary, Indiana has been in the paranormal news quite a bit lately. It’s home to the infamous Demon House that Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans purchased then burned down.

You can check out the video here >>> Zak Bagans Burns down Demon House.

Now the reason he burned down the house was because supposedly there was some kind of demonic force that wasn’t like anything he or anyone else had ever come across before. Now this house is a bit different, it was burning down when the firefighter took a picture. What he captured was an image of a person inside of the house next to a window.

The crazy part is that experts weren’t able to debunk this photo, and now it remains a mystery as to what or who was in that window during the fire. This team in the video you’re about to watch checks out the house, will they find anything?

Watch the video and find out!

Gary, Indiana Ghost House


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