The Horrifying Screams Heard Coming From An Empty Room

Ghost screams at the Wingate hotel

Even though this happened some years back it’s still pretty scary every time we see this. Imagine going to a hotel knowing that something was captured there that no one could explain. Even creepier is the fact it wasn’t a paranormal show or anything of that nature.

Most of the time we see footage of supposed haunted places and situations. But how often do we really sit back and think about what we just saw and heard?

Probably a handful of times out of the thousands of videos…. Right?

But every now and then we all come across certain videos that make us really stop and question things. We go over them over and over and think this or that, but at the end of the moment it leaves us scratching our heads.

This is one of those videos, and while some may say it’s fake. Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Do you think this was all set up or do you think that the Wingate hotel is actually haunted?

Ghost screams at the Wingate hotel


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