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Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital -Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital  has been called one of the scariest places on the planet by CNN. Now when someone like CNN says that this is one of the scariest places on the planet, then you know it’s a sight to see.

No one really knows why this place was actually shut down, some people say that this mental health facitlity was closed  because the water and sewage problems. There are others that  say it closed because of a lack of funding, and that the place didn’t pass the necessary inspections.

But that doesn’t answer the fact that the place had people randomly dying left and right around the time that they suddenly shut down. The most interesting part is that there were NO investigations as to why people were randomly dropping dead.

Mental Health Center or something else?

Check out the video and see how creepy this place is! 


Check out this video of a couple of people exploring Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital

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