Halloween Kills Could Be The Most “Intense” Movie of Them all!

Halloween Kills

It seems like just yesterday there as a Halloween movie. However many aren’t caring because of the utter excitement behind Halloween Kills. The movie due to be launched this fall, people are expecting something great. According to one of the Halloween Kills stars Anthony Michael Hall, it’s the “MOST INTENSE’ of the franchise yet.

Anthony Michael Hall will be playing the role of an adult Tommy Doyle, so no reboots or new stories, John Carpenter gave his seal of approval on this one so don’t expect any crazy changes from the original story.

The inclusion of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle returning as Michael Myers, this one sounds like it could one day be a horror classic.

The Halloween Kills test screenings has had a HUGE amount of positive reactions from audiences. Usually when that happens that means the movie is good, then again you really can’t go wrong with the cast they have for it.

The new movie will focus on a darker version of Michael Myers like the one in the 2018 reboot. Some say that this is because he has been locked up for all those years and had a lot of pinned up dark energy to get out. It will be interesting to see what direction they will take with this one, I know one thing is for sure we can’t wait for it, can you?

Check out this clip we found by Tell It Animated on the evolution of Micheal Myers throughout the years.

Video Source – Tell It Animated

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