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15 of the most HAUNTED HOTELS on the planet 

Would You Stay At Any Of These Places?

I don’t know about you all, but when you go to a hotel do you ever stop and think if the place that you’re in is haunted or not? Now I know you probably wouldn’t generally think that a Holiday Inn or Marriott would be haunted, but then again you never know.

How about a luxury 5-star hotel that you have to pay through the roof for? But what if you had the chance to stay in a place that was actually known for being haunted, would it bother you knowing that something could be watching while you’re sleeping? 

Most of the time we aren’t looking for haunted hotels, we just want a simple bed to sleep on for the night. But around Halloween time a lot of us are looking for haunted places to stay at and check out.

If you’re one of these people that likes spooky places, then this video will be for you.

Check out this video we found of 15 of the most haunted hotels

Video Source –  Danger Dolan – 

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