Mackinac Island – The Island Where Ghosts Outnumber The Living

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Mackinac Island The Island Getaway

Ghosts Of Mackinac Island 

Mackinac Island is a place for people looking to get away from traffic and their fast paced lives. There aren’t any cars allowed and all transportation is by either horse or bike. Mackinac Island is a popular tourist destination that’s filled with luxury hotels, small inn’s, and an array of shops and places to eat

However, behind the happiness lies a haunted side, Mackinac was a battle ground during the war of 1812, it also served as a prison for confederate sympathizers during the civil war. There have been numerous reports of strange lights, sounds, and even apparitions around the island. Some of the buildings have reports of various ghost activity in them.

Hotel Destination For The Dead

Besides having a wonderful array of places to stay, things to eat, and things to do. Mackinac island’s most famous haunted spot is the Mission Point Resort, It’s been featured on SyFy chanel’s Ghost hunters.  It’s also been on the forefront of many other paranormal investigations. This place served as a headquarters in the 1950’s for an organization that was on a mission of cultivating world peace.

 Yeah, I don’t think that worked out very well….

Check out these videos the first one we found is by Evpinvestigations

The Mackinac Island Ghost Tour by  Evpinvestigations

Brief history of Mackinac Island haunts by Bill Edmonds 

Video Source –Bill Edmonds 

Looking for more information on Mackinac Island? Check out their site >>>>

Would you stay at Mackinac Island’s most haunted locations?

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