You Might See The Ghost Of The Lady In Black At This Indiana Cemetery

Haunted places in Indiana 

Located near the middle of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest in Martinsville, Indiana is Stepp Cemetery. It’s said to be one of the most haunted places in Indiana. Locals say it’s all mostly stories and that there isn’t much going on there at all. So why is this cemetery such a hot spot for paranormal activity and stories of the occult?

Legend has it that it’s haunted by a woman that lost her baby who would visit her child grave dress in black. Apparently even in death the woman still makes her visits dressed in black. Numerous people have said to have seen her while walking through the graveyard. There are different versions of the stories, so who knows if it’s even true or not.

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Haunted Places In Indiana – Stepp Cemetery

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The Haunted Cemetery

At one point in time, the cemetery was a hot spot for Satanist groups. They used a portion of the cemetery for their practices and rituals. Eventually, they were pushed out, but it leads some to believe they conjured something that hasn’t left. Could they have conjured something evil that has taken over the area and is responsible for all of the paranormal activity? Some say yes, so if you’re looking for some haunted places in Indiana, this is it.


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