5 Insanely Scary Hauntings Of Movie Sets

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If you've ever wondered if the set of your favorite horror movie was actually haunted, well now you're about to find out. Imagine being on the set of a scary movie that was supposedly true, but the scariest things didn't actually happen IN the movie, but rather on the set of the movie. There have been numerous movie sets that have had some rather odd things going on behind the scenes. Sometimes it's just the actors playing around and other times it's something else. 

The worst paranormal activity happens in places that are already supposedly haunted. Some sets are shot in places that are scary to give the movie that much more of an effect. The problem is that sometimes this isn't the best thing to do, well at least in the opinions of the actors and crew. Some of you have seen movies where they're planning on shooting a movie in some scary place and the entire crew ends up getting slaughtered or eaten. 

But could the movie generate energy in a way that it causes the ghosts to become active? Or could it just be the power of the subconscious mind at work making things happen in ways that we really just don't understand? Check out the video we found by 

Here are 5 movies that had haunted sets. 

Video Source – Top 5 Unknowns

Do you know of any other movies that have haunted sets?

What's the scariest movie that you've ever seen?



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