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Hell town Ohio

When you hear a name like Hell town, you wouldn’t expect anything good to come out of it. Hell town, Ohio is a small abandoned town in a somewhat isolated area. The town has a history of strange happenings and stories. Hell town was bought out by a government agency in the ’70s. It was supposed to be part of some large national park development project.
This is where everything went right side up. The project was abandoned for some reason and this is when all the stories started. There were all kinds of strange theories and stories of why the town was shut down. The crazy part is that no one knows really why it was shut down. When you have something like that happen, you start to have a lot of made-up stories start to pop up.
Who knows what’s true and what isn’t, but what we do know is that the town is creepy! 

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts!

Hell Town Myths And Legends

Stories of the infamous spot range from escaped mental patients to the paranormal. There are stories that groups like Satanists and other extremist groups in the area. Some say the spirits of that area cursed it so that nothing would go right. Whatever the case maybe there is a very creepy vibe surrounding it.

Some stories are even far stranger, like the one of the humanoid creatures. Some have even told stories of aliens and creatures from other dimensions. As far s the stories go, no one has any solid proof of anything going on.

There is a story that many say is true involving a malicious forest entity by the name of the “Wendigo”. Recently there was a documentary about the area that talked about the Wendigo. Whatever the case is with this area, one thing is for sure. It’s not the kind of place you want to find yourself stranded alone at.

Check out this video and see what you think.

Would you like to take an adventure to this place and see what it’s all about? 



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  1. Interesting article…but distracting with the lack of editing.  ♡ nice job on the story,  it does sound interesting.  🙂

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