Do You Think Horror Movies Inspire Real Life Killers?

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Do You Think Horror Movies Inspire Real Life Killers?

Sometimes when we watch a horror movie it makes us sit and wonder, do some of these movies inspire mentally sick people to become like the murderers in the movies? Now for most of us read this, we know that these movies are fake and that they’re just a scary good time. But there are those people out there who take it a bit too far and become obsessed in a sense. 

They start to watch these movies over and over and think that they can become these characters. But do they actually act upon what they’ve learned and watched? Everyone probably knows at least 1 or 2 different people that probably could fit this description. But do you think that these people are capable of doing something as gruesome as they’ve seen in a movie?

Good question… 

I know some of the movies out there have been inspired by real life situations, which makes things a little bit scarier in our opinion. I think if someone sees something that has actually happened before that they’re likelier to do it again, but who knows… 

What do you think?

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