Houska Castle – The Gates Of Hell

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The Most Haunted Place In The World 

The  Czech Republic’s Houska castle is said to be  one of the strangest places on the planet. Most castles have a some kind of valid purpose behind them and are built in the best interest of the people around them, or are supposed to be. But  the reason behind this castle being built was rather odd one . Supposedly the hole the castle was built around is said to be  bottomless and a gateway to hell, yes a gateway to hell. 

That’s not even the strangest part….. 

There were stories of creatures that were half man and half animal and other winged demon type creatures flying out in and out of the hole. So in order to stop these creatures and other evil things from coming out of the giant hole, a castle was built around it. Houska was built in the late 13th and has remained the same way ever since.  

Could it just be imaginations running wild? 

Who knows…. 

There have been numerous creepy stories that have been told throughout the centuries about Houska. Some have said it was a gateway to hell but others aren’t so sure and think that it could be some kind of warp or hole to another reality, whatever the case Houska is one creepy place! 

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What are YOUR thoughts on this place?

Do you think there could be something sinister hiding in that hole?

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