How Dangerous Really Is The Deep Web?

How Dangerous Really Is The Deep Web?

Many of you reading this may not be aware of something called the Deep Web. It's the deep parts of the internet that many don't go into, they're not part of your average sites or anything like that. Think of the deep web like an underground city above a major city. You have people living a regular life up above, they work and the go out to eat and things of that nature. However right underneath this city about 10 stories below lies ANOTHER city, this would be the deep web. 

Now while many are saying that the deep web is where all the bad things take place, others are saying that it's a very dangerous place. This is where the bad things happen, it's where you go to talk or communicate with others  about things that you don't want regular everyday people to know about. But while some people say that the deep web isn't a threat, others say that the threat is very real. 

Have you ever been in the deep web?

Check out this video by Alltime Conspiracies and let us know what you think, do you think it's dangerous or not?

How Dangerous  Is The Deep Web?

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