Indrid Cold

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Indrid Cold

Every now and then we meet certain people that give us the creeps, we may not know what it is about them or why we feel creeped out, but there's something inside of us that makes us feel extremely uncomfortable about them.

Perhaps it's our intuition at work?

But what if the person that we're creeped out by isn't really a person at all? What if they were something else posing as a human being trying to confuse us into trusting them? 

This is the case of Indrid Cold!

Supposedly this person or thing was seen around the late 60’s in and around the same area as the Mothman. The crazy part is that this being supposedly made his presence known on 3 separate occasions. The first one was on a street where two men saw him grinning at them, the other was after a crash, and the 3rd was in a bed room.

Now imagine waking up and seeing some guy with a big cheesy grin looking at you, would’t you freak out? Now many say that this being is from another planet, but others are saying that it could be a demon posing as an alien.

Check out the full story!

SOURCE – Natures Temper 


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