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If you’re in the New Orleans area and have some time to check out some places, Bloody Mary’s haunted museum is the place to go. The owner of the shop has been on a numerous haunted shows and has written books about the paranormal.

Now she has her own place for anything and everything paranormal and the occult . And when we say anything and everything paranormal and the occult we mean it!

They have everything from a haunted museum to midnight ghost hunts and over night hunts. Also seances and even voodoo yoga… Yeah we don’t know what that consists of either but it sounds really cool and interesting.

They also have a gift shop where you can get voodoo dolls, spell books, and many other things from the occult. They even a giant Ouija board on the ground if you want to conjure up a few things while your in the store.

Looking to take a visit? Check out their site here > Haunted Museum/Shop

Check out the video we found by Hauntology Productions and let us know your thoughts! !

Video Source – Hauntology Productions

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