Strange And Creepy Random An Inside Look At Friday The 13th Video Game

An Inside Look At Friday The 13th Video Game

An Inside Look At  Friday The 13th Video Game post thumbnail image

An Inside Look At  Friday The 13th Video Game

Is this Game Too Gory?

If you love the Friday The 13th series and wished that there was a game where you could actually be Jason Vorhees, or even get a chance at trying to  get away and survive a night at Camp Crystal Lake, well here's your chance. The video game is set to launch this fall and is going to be a hacking good time.

No pun intended…..

Now this game isn’t for younger players and will probably come with a rated R rating if anything. The game play is rather gruesome if you ask us, and it kind of goes beyond the level of gruesome. The entire point of the game is to either take out people in random ways or figure out a way to hide and survive a night around Jason Vorhees.

While this game looks rather interesting we kind of think it's rather disturbing in a way. Some are saying that this kind of game leads to even more violence in real life. The real question is this….

"Could a game like this cause someone who is already mentally disturbed to act in an aggressive manner because of the game"?

Now while some say no there are many who say yes. I guess that if you do play something like this or games that are graphic and violent, it could cause someone to do something messed up if they're already messed up in the head.

Do you agree?

The other problem is that some parents will allow their children to play this game, would you let your child play it? Most parents would answer with a resounding "NO", however there are some parents that would.

Whatever the case may be, if you're on the fence and thinking about buying the game, check out the preview below and see what you're in store for. If you don't and still want to see it check out and let us know what you think!


Take a look at the game and be warned, it’s rather gruesome!

An Inside Look At  Friday The 13th Video Game

Video Source – MKFireandIce


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