If You’re A Fan Of Edgar Allan Poe You’re Going To Love This Museum

Inside The Poe Museum

The Poe Museum

The city of Richmond started out with the idea of building a statue of Edgar Allan Poe in 1906. He spent a lot of his life in Richmond, Virginia and the city claimed him as their own. However the idea never went through so eventually the museum came forth. The museum is a place like no other, especially if you’re fan of Poe’s work. There’s a garden that reflects his work, and various other aspects of his life and writings.

Every part of the garden has something to do with his life and work, but it doesn’t stop there. The entire museum is a reflection of his being and his mind. His work and anything Poe related to even a lock of his hair can be found in the museum.


There’s also a really cool bookstore with all of his work. The museum also boasts that they have the only known copy of his poem “To Helen”. The museum also changes exhibits around so you’re never looking at the same thing.

The museum has a ton of other really cool things that you’re just going to have to check out yourself. One thing is for sure, when you visit you’re going to immersed into a world like no other.

Want to know more about the museum? Check out their site here > POE MUSEUM

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  1. I live in central Pennsylvania and travel up to state college quite often.
    We pass Poe Valley and Poe Paddy in lewisburg area on 322. Right there at the split is a restaurant called the EUTAW House. Its where Edgar Allan Poe wrote the raven. He also lived in the little house up on the hill above the restaurant. Or maybe that was the young lady he had an intrest in.

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