The Inspiration Behind Jeepers Creepers

The Inspiration Behind Jeepers Creepers

The Scary But True Story

If you’ve ever seen the movie Jeepers Creepers, you know how freaky the first movie actually was. Now if you’ve ever wondered if there was a true story behind the movie, well now you have your answer!

The true story isn’t about a demon that kills and eats people, it’s about a human that’s a monster in his own right that supposedly killed people. Just like in the movie there were 2 people driving on a lonely road out in the middle of no where. There were many similarities to the movie, including the fact that the 2 people got a little too close for comfort.

But unlike the movie the man in the van didn’t end up catching the couple and killing them. But even scarier is the fact that no one knows who this guy actually was or what all he did.

It’s scary to think that this guy could still be out there doing evil things to people. I don’t know which is scarier, the movie monster or the fact that there’s someone out there doing this that hasn’t been caught. 

Check out this video and see what you think 

Video Source – FemaleTomboy 

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