This Horror Movie Was Inspired By Some Real Life Terrifying Events

The Inspiration Behind Jeepers Creepers

Many of you who have seen the movie Jeepers Creepers probably freak out when you drive in rural areas. Especially if you see an old truck coming behind you. But what if we told you there was some truth behind the movie Jeepers Creepers? Would you freak out and not want to drive through the country anymore? Don’t freak out, the true parts of the story don’t have anything to do with the creeper. However, the true parts of the story are just as creepy and terrifying. Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – FemaleTomboy 

The Horrifying True Story Behind The Movie

It’s crazy to think that some of the inspiration for the first movie came from the show Unsolved Mysteries. It’s even more terrifying to know that someone who dumped some bodies didn’t get caught. Imagine how many people there are out there that haven’t been caught. That’s enough to make you want to lock your doors even more at night. Even though the creeper isn’t real, there are stories of winged cryptids. The Chicago, Illinois area has seen a huge surge in winged cryptid sightings. Those who have had a close encounter with the creature say it looks similar to the creeper. Could there be something similar to it flying around at night? Let us know your thoughts.

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