Is The Loch ness Monster Real?

Is The Loch ness Monster Real?

For a very long time the stories and legends of the Loch ness monster have spread like wild fire. Legends say that there’s some kind of prehistoric monster living inside of the lake. Some say that there could be more than one monster in the lake, which could certainly be possible if people have been seeing this creature for so long.

The problem is that the lake is immensely deep and much of it is unknown and uncharted territory. So to really know what’s all down there will take a ton of money, but is there anyone who is really up for the challenge?

Many have tried to locate this monster but none have found anything at all. Some have taken some pretty crazy pictures and videos, but there hasn’t been any solid proof as of yet. Will the monster ever emerge and proof of it finally be revealed?

The creatures sake we hope it doesn't!

What do you think? Real or fake?

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  • kevin

    I dont think its a "sea monster"…..obviously all these sightings arent "invented"  there must be SOMETHING to it….but the explanation is probably pretty pedestrian….with the technology now available and the number of sweeps and scans that have been done a large creature would have turned up. Now the thing  that most stays with me is that IF "Nessie" is a living creature there cant be just 1 or 2 or 5 or even 10…..there have to be MANY more than that. And they CANNOT be from constant interbreeding. The minimum number of creatures would have to be 40-60 DISTINCT individuals as that is the minimum number required to maintain the genetic diversity nessecary to sustain a viable breeding population….the Loch is extremely deep and if "Nessie" does exist I specualte its an animal which is not usually seen and there fore when it is seen it is easily misidentified. To me the only 3 credible possibilities are a species of Eel which in a contained environment with no predators has to developed over time to extremely large proportions, a Giant catfish as suggested in the video or a Giant Oar Fish… Giant Oar Fish can grow up to 36 fwwt long and there are recorded specimens being as long as 41 feet long one is recorded at 56 feet but that has never been substantiated but scientists say it is "possible"…they exist in deep waterfrom 500-1000 meters and are found in all oceans of the world..they RARELY come to the surface and when they do its usually chasing prey or when they are sick or dying because of the depths at which they live they develop very little muscle mass and usually die if exposed to the turbulent waters near the surface for more than a minute or two at most….they look VERY much like gigantic snakes or serpents and can be blue, dark blue, black and even spotted….this brings up the question however is there enough food in the Loch for a colony of these fish to survive? for what might amount to generations…Oarfish feed primarily on plankton, shrimp, and other crustaceans as well as eels, small fish and squid.One thing that plays against my theory is that that very little is known about them none have ever been captured alive and studied and noone knows if they are solitary, thier overall habits or life span. But If im going to put money on Nessie being real? Its the Giant Oar fish. Id LOVE it to be a rare creature we have yet to discover or some long lost dinosaur but I dont think it is…..

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