The Body Under The Bed

Is This Urban Legend True? The Body Under The Bed

The Body Under The Bed 

At some point in time or another we've all stayed in a hotel room. Most of us have stayed in a variety of different rooms, from really fancy ones to some that should be closed off for good But have you ever really sat and wondered about ALL of the people that have stayed in that same room before you? Have you ever wondered if someone actually died in the bed that you were sleeping in, or if something very scary happened in the room before you arrived there?

What would you do if you found out something terrible went on in a room that you stayed in? Would you ask to go to another room, or would you just stay in the room and see what happens? Most of us would probably ask for our money back and go to a different hotel, however there are a few of us that would just stay in the room. But what if something awful happened in the room that you were staying in just prior to you getting there?

This is the tale of the urban legend that turned out to be TRUE! 



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