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The Most Haunted Town In The West- Jerome Arizona

The spooky little town of Jerome, Arizona was known as the “The wickedest city in the west”.. The town was a haven for those looking to strike it rich. When the mines ran dry the town ended up becoming a ghost town.

Fast-forward a 100 years and it seems as if some of its residents haven’t left. It seems as if every location in this town is beyond haunted. There isn’t an old store or building that doesn’t have some kind of paranormal story behind it.

Today it’s an artsy type of town, and most of its revenue comes from tourism. People come to check out the arts and crafts, but primarily people go there for one reason.


This town has ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activity happening all over the place. It’s not just centered around one area or one building, it’s all the buildings and various outdoor locations. 

Jerome is so haunted that they even have a newsletter by the name of the “Jerome Ghost Post”.

Check out this video on this town.

Check out this video on more of the history of Jerome, Arizona 

IF you’re ever in this area, check this place out and let us know what you think.

Would you want to stay the night in this town?

source –   CNN /  Panavised

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