Jessica Alba Captures Ghost In Selfie

A Ghost In A Selfie?

It's almost a common thing among people these days, taking selfies in random locations. Every now and then we get more than what we expect in a picture. Sometimes we get random things or people in the background popping up, so when we see it it's a major surprise to us and those around us. But every now and then we capture something that may tend to freak us out a bit.

We may capture things that aren't supposed to be in the picture and really aren't even supposed exist. There are many people who don't believe in the idea of ghost existing, but then there are those who do. But what if you took a picture of yourself and you captured something like a ghost in the picture, would tell anyone?

most of the time people wil dismiss stories like this as nonsense and say it's fake or photo shopped. But the person who took the picture or was around the picture at that time knows the truth.

Check out this selfie picture of Jessica Alba with a surprise friend!

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