Kayako – Ju-on (The Story Behind The Movie The Grudge)

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Is the Grudge Real?

If you've seen the movie The Grudge, you probably were freaked out at least a little if not by the movie but from one thing…. The Grudge Noise!  The sound that Kayako made in the movie, when you heard that noise you knew that it was your time to die. But was this movie a story behind a real life story,  or was it  all made up? nope it was a created after a Japanese urban Legend

Some say it is….

The urban legend sounds like something that could have possibly happened, but as far as the ghost story after the initial scary story it  probably isn't plausible that something like this could happen. If it did happen I don't think anyone would live to tell the tale. But then again there are some that say that the true story doesn't refer to a revenge ridden ghost, it was made up to make the story even scarier. 

There are other urban legends that are similar to this one like The Tale Of The Slit Mouthed Woman, but this one catapulted into fame with the first movie fo the series in 2004 The Grudge.

What about the Grudge boy, was he part of the urban legend? As far as we know from the urban legend the boy was also part of the urban legend. It was a tale of a jealous and evil husband that took out his rage on this wife. 

Check out the video of the story behind the Grudge 



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