This Japanese Tunnel Is a Hotspot For Paranormal Activity

Kiyotaki Tunnel Japan

There are certain places on this planet that are shrouded in mystery and Japans Kiyotaki tunnel  is one of them. While this place isn’t abandoned or anything like that, there are several witnesses and rumors of various paranormal things going on there. For decades the tunnel has been a hot spot for those looking for ghosts and paranormal activity

For years there have been strange reports from cab drivers and regular drivers of spectral passengers appearing then vanishing without a trace in their cars. Imagine driving through a tunnel and looking through your rear-view mirror and seeing someone sitting in the back seat! 

Some say that it’s the ghost from ancient times who died in the area because it was an execution site and a battlefield. Others say it’s the spirits of the construction workers who died while building this place, others say that it’s darker forces that bring the dead to this area because of some kind spiritual vortex. 

Whatever the case may be, this place is a really creepy place that many people avoid at all costs. There’s rumors that have to do with the light entering the tunnel and some kind warning you’ll hear about in the video that we found below. 

Check out the video and let us know what you think of this place! 

Kiyotaki Tunnel Japan

SOURCE – Kurt Bell

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