La LLorona – The Weeping Woman

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La LLorona – The Weeping Woman

Run If You See Her! 

There are some legends that have lived throughout the years and some who have lived centuries like the one about La LLorona  or in English “The Weeping Woman”. It’s an old Spanish legend of a woman of a beautiful woman with long flowing black that hair that walks by the river looking for her children while weeping.

The story is a very old one and it goes back to the time of the conquistadors but no one really knows where it exactly came from. Many versions of the stories have been told throughout the years, but all are rather similar except the origin of the lady. It’s said that she drowned her children in the river in a fit of rage and then regretted her decision now she looks for them in death for all eternity.

They say she’s an angry and vengeful spirit that takes out her anger on the living. If you get close enough to her she’ll drown you as well, and throughout the years she’s supposedly taken adults and children alike off to a watery grave. Some say when you see her that she looks like a regular person, but when you get close to her she appears to have the face of a skeleton.

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 The Legend of La LLorona aka the weeping woman

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