Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained,The Paranormal A Creepy Look At Letta The 200 Year Old Haunted Doll

A Creepy Look At Letta The 200 Year Old Haunted Doll

A Creepy Look At Letta The 200 Year Old Haunted Doll post thumbnail image

The Most Haunted Doll In The World 

When you think of possessed or haunted dolls, Letta The Doll is right up there with the best of them. This doll is said to be possessed with some kind of spirit or negative energy. For years people have been saying that various dolls have been possessed like Robert and Pupa The DollThese dolls are said to have caused various paranormal  events within the homes that they’re in. sometimes these dolls move around in strange ways, other times there’s some type of ghost that’s attached to them.

However, Letta The Doll is a bit different, the doll was found by a previous owner under the house. The doll is estimated to be about 200 years old and was created by gypsys. Some say the doll was used in some kind of ritual while others say it was just a regular doll. The problem is the doll seems to cause all kinds of mischief whereever it goes. The doll got its name because an owner kept hearing “letta me out” coming from the room the doll was in. Could the doll be harboring a spirit that wants to get out of it?

Check out this strange interview with Letta The Doll and it’s owner or should I say vice versa

Video Source – Letta Me Out

Haunted Dolls

Unlike other dolls, Letta the doll isn’t one that causes all kinds of negative problems. If the worst the doll does is move around and make some noise, then that’s ok. Well then again who am I to say if a doll that moves and screams is ok? I think I would honestly get rid of the doll if I saw it moving or speaking without anyone near it, how about you?

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