Letta The Doll

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The Most Haunted Doll In The World 

Letta The Doll

When you think of possessed or haunted dolls, Letta The Doll is right up there with the best of them. This doll is said to be possessed with some kind of spirit or negative energy. For years people have been saying that various dolls have been possessed like Robert The Doll and Pupa The Doll.

These dolls are said to have caused various paranormal  events within the homes that they’re in. sometimes these dolls move around in strange ways, other times there’s some type of ghost that’s attached to them.

However Letta The Doll is a bit different, this type of doll was used in different forms of magic. Some say that the doll has some weird effect on those who have it in their possession.

That it feeds off their energies and changes them, it makes them feel compelled to keep the doll by their side at all times. Everything becomes about the doll, anything and everything happens WITH the doll around them. The owners lives pretty much become the dolls.

Check out the full story 

Check out this strange interview with Letta The Doll and it’s owner or should I say vice versa

Video Source – Letta Me Out

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