Little Egypt Cemetery

Little Egypt Cemetery

This is probably one of the oddest locations that we’ve come across in awhile. We’ve personally been to this location a few times and the location is as creepy as it sounds.  Little Egypt cemetery is located out in the middle of nowhere, it’s one of those places where you really have to look for it to find it.

However when you do find it, you automatically know that it’s the right place because it looks like the set of a horror movie. It's kind of sits up on top of a hill and you instantaneously get this creepy vibe when you see it. The other thing is the odd smell EVERY TIME you go there, there aren't any fields near by and being from a small town and growing up around farms all of my life I know the smell of a farm and field. 

This smell is something else, not like something coming from a creek, but something very odd. I haven't heard any stories about the smells but I know everyone who I've personally talked with that has been there has notice some kind of strange odor. 

For years there were was a large tree that was half inside of the cemetery and half outside, the half that was outside of the cemetery was alive and the half that was inside wasn’t. There are other strange stories of phantoms roaming around the location as well as some other creepy stuff going on here.

Check out this video we found on Little Egypt

Little Egypt Cemetery

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