Little Girl Chooses “The Nun” As Theme For Her Birthday Party

Imagine getting an invite for your child to attend a birthday party and the theme is from the horror movie ” The Nun”. Would you let your child attend the party or simply pass on the invitation?

Most horror fans would without a doubt go to the party. This was the case for a 3 year old girl from Mexico. Apparently she loves the movie ” The Nun” a lot, and wasn’t freaked out by it what so ever.

I’m old and I was hiding inside my couch cushions during certain parts of the movie. I couldn’t even imagine being little and wanting something like The NUN as a theme for my party.

Kudos to this little girl and her mother, however some people have a problem with it. Some are saying that children shouldn’t be watching movies like this at such a young age.

What do you think?

We honestly think it’s cool and we hope she had an awesome time at her birthday party. That party and theme will be one she will remember for the rest of her life!

Check out the video below we found by Vida Loca and let us know your thoughts!

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