Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Los Angeles County Bans Trick Or Treating, Is Halloween Cancelled?

Los Angeles County Bans Trick Or Treating, Is Halloween Cancelled?

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Trick Or Treating Cancelled

2020 has been a year of fear and uncertainty. So much that the entire year has become a meme too many people. When the pandemic first started, those who love Halloween already knew it was going to be in trouble. Now that we are getting closer to Halloween a lot of activities have been getting canceled.

How about Trick Or Treating? The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health put out a release for public safety.

“As fall approaches families start to plan for the upcoming holiday season beginning with Halloween. Since some of the traditional ways in which this holiday is celebrated does not allow you to minimize contact with non-household members, it is important to plan early and identify safer alternatives. Door to door trick or treating is not allowed because it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors especially in neighborhoods that are popular with trick or treaters.”

Video Source – CBS Los Angeles

What they are saying is there will not be anything Halloween related going on during Halloween night. If you live in the L.A. county and love Halloween, you’re going to have to go outside of the county to celebrate it.

You still can celebrate Halloween by putting up décor and celebrating it in your own home. You can’t have a big party or go trick or treating on Halloween night. Talk about a big bummer, but safety first. What are your thoughts on this?

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