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Dark Cartoons – Thomas The Train 

Now I’ve heard of cartoons that are supposedly lost or secret episodes that aren’t specifically child oriented, but created with the intention of scaring the you know what out of adults. This is one of those cartoons that does that, and mind you this is not by any means suitable for small children, it's very disturbing in a way. 

We were looking for some creepy cartoons or something that would make people think whoa, and I guess we found it right off the bat.We saw a few Scooby Doo cartoons that were pretty freaky, but nothing like this. The creator of this creepy pasta did very well, as did the narrator of the story.

Check it out and let us know what you think, honestly I think the end of the cartoon creeped me out more than anything else.

Check it out

So what did you think of that? Strange and creepy for sure right?



One thought on “The Evil Lost Episode of Thomas The Train”
  1. This is real, old expetimental film. Made in demonstration technique grant studio. All clips contain techniques that are now established int the field of Televion and Motion Picture Sciences. It was made in the in the golden heyday of television to convert broadcast over to the new color television broadcast standard, and was inspiration to make something fun for kids to watch.

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