Man throws Alligator Through Drive Thru Window

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Man throws Alligator Through Drive Thru Window

There are certain times that we ALL get really mad when going through fast food drive thru windows.  Sometimes we have to wait what seems to be hours on end when there’s only 1 car ahead of us. Other times they get the order completely wrong and we don’t realize it until we’ve already left the restaurant.

But even with all of the mess ups that happen in a drive through, that doesn’t give you the right  to go to an extreme to get your revenge. Every now and then you hear some crazy stories where people completely lose it and try to get their revenge on the people working at these places.

It always ends up bad for those who think they can lose their cool and come out on top. But in this case this story is probably the oddest drive through revenge story I’ve ever heard. I mean why would you go out of your way to buy an alligator of all things and throw the poor animal through a window?

Check out the video story, it’s insane!

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