Man Turns His Alexa Into Skull And It’s Something Out Of A Horror Movie

The Alexa Skeleton

For those of you who are horror fanatics, you’re probably wondering where you can get one of these. A tech wizard has found a way to turn his Amazon Alexa into a talking skull. The skeleton head also has unblinking eyes that seem to look at you when it’s talking. Some of us would think this is creepy, and others of us would be happy to have one of these. 

Video Source – Karim Nafili

McGurrin who is a tech geek was inspired to create this as a part of the Yorick Project. McGurrin recently wrote,” “I like to decorate for Halloween, including various talking skeletons that I’ve set up over the years. For Christmas 2015, my wife gave me a great 3 axis talking skull with moving eyes so I could upgrade one of the skeletons from just a moving jaw skull.”

McGurrin who is a horror and Halloween fan thought it would be cool to create the skeletal robotic head. Imagine going into this guy’s house and not knowing about the skeleton. Would you get scared if it started talking to you and give you answers? I hope someday they will make this available to the public because I would surely buy one, would you? If you’re into tech and want to know how to create one for yourself, check out the video below

Video Source – Fright Props

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