MCKAMEY MANOR – A Look Inside The Worlds Scariest Haunted Attraction

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Mckamey manor 

If you’re looking for things to do in Nashville, Tennessee or Huntsville, Alabama and love to be terrified and tortured….. 


When I say that I don’t mean like someone screaming boo in your face. I’m talking about borderline torture and horror in ways you didn’t think were legal, but are. 

Mckamey Manor has faced some hard criticism in the past and was originally located in San Diego was but was forced to relocate. It boasted it’s claim of being “ the worlds most haunted house“. However a lot of people are having a hard time saying it’s an actual haunted house. 

They do have a very long set of rules and things you have to sign and read beforehand. They also thoroughly warn you about some of the things that go in within the haunted attraction. So it’s not like you’re just walking into an unknown thing.

But there have been a lot of people who have been and swear they’ll never go back. Others have been there and like the intense experience. So would this be the kind of place that I would like to visit?

I’m more of your traditional style of scary haunted house and haunted attraction. I like being scared without all the touching and getting up close and personal with someone. It’s just not my thing, but there are  A TON of people who are.

The waiting list to get into this attraction is beyond long. There are a lot of people willing to take the challenge. Would you be one of these people who are willing to go?

If so check their site here > Mckamey Manor 

Would you do it? Before you answer that question, check this video! 


Check out their site here >>>

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