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A Real Monster In My Closet

When most us were growing up we were scared of a few things, most of the time it was the dark or a dark room. Other times it was under the bed, and last but not least it was the closet!

We would run to our parents bedroom and say that there’s a monster in our closet and that we were scared to go to sleep. Our parents would come in and check the room and say, "go away you terrible monster", they then would then comfort us and put us back in bed.

Eventually we would grow out of that phase and no longer be scared of the monsters. But what if the monsters didn’t go away?

What if it wasn’t our imagination at all and the monsters weren’t make believe?

What if they were like this..



I’m just joking, I don’t think they would be like that, but here’s a real life case of a home that people say an actual monster or entity lives inside the closet.

Would you stay in that room or even in that house?


Check it out this video and let us know!



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