A Creepy Look At The Most Paranormally Active House On The East Coast

The Morris-Jumel House

The Most Paranormal Active House On The East Coast

Built-in the year 1765, the Morris-Jumel house has had a long history. The location could have a movie made about it. It even served as a headquarter for president George Washington. It was also used by many other famous and historical figures. With so much history behind it, it’s no there’s such a paranormal presence behind it. There are those who say there are stories that stretch back to the days when it was being built. Stories of some creepy paranormal things going on. Could the grounds of the house be the cause for a lot of the hauntings?
Some say all of the historical roles and things that happened sort of stored the energy within its walls. Could the location have trapped energy from the past and still plays it like an old movie? Or could the hauntings and paranormal happenings be of a more intelligent nature? No one knows for sure, but what they do know is the location has a rich but haunted history.
Check out the video below and let us know what your thoughts are.

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