The Morris-Jumel House, New York City

The Morris-Jumel House

The Most Paranormal Active House On The East Coast

Now we look high and low for houses that are not only haunted, but ones with some kind of spooky or cool history. The Morris-Jumel house is a house that has it all, but the history behind this house is amazing. A movie could be made about this place, it played a huge role in our country and it was even at one time a headquarter for President George Washington. It was used by many famous figures since then and has been a home to many. 

So with all of that history surrounding it, it's no surprise that it's haunted beyond belief. Could some of the spirits of the past especially those where in it during wars still be lurking around getting ready for something that already happened a very long time ago?

Now that's the question at hand…. 

There's all kinds of theories and explanations for things going on here, but no one really knows what's going on or even why it's happening. We can only speculate what goes on in places like this, some say it's residual energy, others say it's the ghosts of those people who used to be in these places that have returned or chose to stay behind. 

What do you think?

Check out the videos behind this place! 



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