Ghost Photos So Intriguing They’ve Never Been Debunked

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Credible Pictures Of The Paranormal Or Fakes?

 Now most of us have seen some pretty terrible supposed real documented photographic proof of the paranormal, and in reality they’re created with some crappy phone app. But every now and then we run into a picture that really stops us dead in our tracks. These pictures are so odd that it leaves us stumped whether the picture is real or not. There’s that certain creepy factor or a chill that we get when we see certain pictures, like very old ones of ghosts and other creepy entities.

But what about ghost photos taken in recent times?

Once again it’s hard to say if they’re actually real or not, the only person that can say that they’re real is the person taking the picture or the others who were there to witness the event. Even if the person says that they’re real, there will always be those skeptics out there.

Most Credible Ghost Photos

There are a handful of photos that people can’t seem to debunk, not even with our tech as advanced as it is for this day and age. So does that mean these photos are ghosts or something more? What is known is the fact that there are some very creepy photos out there with no apparent explanation other than they are the real deal. 

But here are some of the most credible pictures ever taken, what do you think!

Source – Paranormal Junkie –

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